Tips for Winter Skin Care

Skin Care Tips to Consider this Winter

1. Try Cleansers with Moisturizing Ingredients

With Autumn behind us, it's time to look at our cleansers we've had out for the past few months. The fruity, tangy variety that are so common during the year, may be a bit too drying during the Winter.
For your daily body wash, try an all-natural body wash, enriched with shea butter and/or cocoa butter. The added moisture will help with Winters' drier air that can lead to drier skin. For your face, you may want to consider a cream wash that helps with moisturization.  In the Winter, some skin ares that are prone to oily, may become normal. Likewise, areas that were normal areas may become dry during the fall.

2. Try a Body Scrub with Shea Butter

Try getting a Full Body Scrub made out of sugar or salt, with Shea Butter. A body scrub will help with exfoliation and hydration of the skin.
Try one of our Body Scrubs.

3. Sunscreen

As always; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, use your sunscreen. In the Winter, use a good full spectrum sunscreen on your face when you're going outdoors. The sun can be quite intense if you're skiing, as well.

4. Create a Winter Routine for Skin Care

Analyze your skin as winter starts to set in. Observe if there are areas that have started to become dry. Organize your skin care routine accordingly.
If there are areas on your body that routinely become dry at this time of year, start to moisturize before they become rough or cracked. Get a good hand moisturizer.