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Spa Deals & Discounts

Three Service Deal  - $200

With this deal, you receive a total of 3 Select Services.  You may choose how and when to use them.  You can chose from the following list of services:

  • European Facial
  • Full Relaxation Massage
  • Body Scrub

It is your option on how and when to use them.  Here are some examples on you can use the deal.  First example, you can use the entire package in one visit by doing each of the three services listed; European Facial, Full Relaxation Massage and Body Scrub.  Second example, you can choose to do 3 European Facials over the course of 3 visits.  Another example, you may do 2 services in one visit and save the third for another time.  It's your option on what Select Services and when you use them.

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