Relaxation Massage
Relaxation Massage


Half = 30 minutes | Full = 60 minutes | Deluxe = 90 minutes

Relaxation Massage

Half - $50
Full - $75
Deluxe - $110
This stress relieving session will put you in a state of total relaxation by applying long, gliding strokes, gentle kneeding, stretching, and pressure point techniques. more info/buy

Aromatherapy Massage

Half - $55
Full - $80
Deluxe - $115
A lighter touch relaxation massage that includes the application of aromatherapy oils. Even the most stressed individuals will feel pampered and rejuvenated following this massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Deluxe - $140
Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Heated stones are placed on the key energy points of the body to harmonize the spirit. Stones give up their power and warmth to tired muscles promoting inner peace and tranquility mixed with a firm rhythmic full body massage with exotic hot oils to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Half - $60
Full - $90
Deluxe - $125
Intense therapy, using firm pressure to relieve trigger points, deep muscle tension, and stress. This massage increases mobility and greatly relieves chronic tension.

Sports Massage

Full - $90
Deluxe - $125
Deep, high energy massage, using firm pressure mixed with trigger point therapy and stretching to relieve tired, sore muscles and release toxins stored in the muscles.  Athletes may have different areas of the body that need focus, i.e. legs, arms, shoulders depending on the type of activity they are doing.

Prenatal Massage

Full - $80
Increases circulation and decreases scar tissue formation, reduces edema, promotes greater joint flexibility and reduces stress and anxiety.


Full - $85
Deluxe - $120
Similar to acupressure, its purpose is to balance the energy of the body by activating points along the energy meridians. Passive stretching is also used to balance the body. Massage is performed in workout clothes.


Half - $45
Full - $70
A very relaxing foot and/or hand massage, using thumb and pressure point techniques, that reestablishes the body's energy flow. Consider Adding Mineral Hand and Foot Repair Treatment for a heavenly outcome!

Craniosacral Therapy

Half - $55
Full - $75
Craniosacral therapy involves light touches on the bones of the skull (including the face and mouth), spine, and pelvis to release tension and improve body movement.
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