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Anti-aging Facial: What is it, what to expect

Anti-aging Facials

What is an anti-aging facial and why do we need one?  An anti-aging facial, often times called; glycolic facial, glycolic peel, peptide enzyme peel, lifting facial, etc. are facials designed to target mature skin.  Mature skin is typically those of us 40 years and older.  As we age our skin becomes thinner and dryer.  The natural loss of collagen over time makes our skin less elastic and it doesn't bounce back as quickly as it once did.  Also with age, our skin cells do not turn over as quickly as they did when we were younger.  A typical rule of thumb is, healthy skin cells turn over one day for every year we are alive.  Therefore when we were 18 years old, our skin skin turned over in 18 days, whereas when we are 50, it takes 50 days.  This is just an estimate to go by, it's not absolute for everyone.

So, how can an anti-aging facial help us?  An anti-aging facial begins with a deep cleansing.  Normally, a creamy cleanser or a gel wash, depending what is right for your skin.  The esthitician will then do a skin analysis using a brighly lit magnifying lens.  Here the esthitician can determine your skin conditions, such as dry skin, broken capillaries, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and blackheads.

After the skin analysis will come the exfoliation.  Based on your needs this will be a chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid or peptide enzymes.

Next will be extractions if requested or necessary.  Mature skin can have large unsightly blackheads.

A facial massage will follow to help relax and stimulate your skin and facial muscles.

After the facial massage, a customized mask will be applied to your face.  The mask will vary depending on what you and your esthitician have discussed and what will be best suited for your mature skin.

Then an application of toners, serums and in our case a protective sunscreeen cream will finish off the facial.

At the conclusion, your esthitician will discuss with you a plan for home care and schedule a series of treatments that would be most beneficial for you.

Anti-aging facials can be very effective.  Our product lines of Glytone, Lucrece, and Avene our top of the line and can help you recover that youthful looking skin you once had.

See you at the Spa!